74 MARK TWAIN Question

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74 MARK TWAIN Question
« on: May 15, 2017, 01:41:46 PM »
I got this boat near the end of last years boating season. Grabbed it out of a barn for 750. bucks sitting on a road worthy trailer. It had been sitting for over 5 years in the barn. After going through the out drive and replacing the worn parts bellows and water pump. I focused on the 140 Merc engine.  Rebuilt the carb,  changed the hoses, water pump, converted to electronic ignition and new plugs, wires and cap .I installed  new shift cables and some wiring up dates. Not much time to shake it down on the water but I managed to get it wet once or twice. My question is I thought it was a 180V but after rummaging around I found the data plate under the floor it indicated a 180T.  It is not a tri-hull and is a runabout not a bow rider. What is the difference between a 180t and a 180V?