Mark Twain departure from New London, MO

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Mark Twain departure from New London, MO
« on: April 07, 2012, 02:07:53 PM »
What was the reason for Mark Twain Marine Industries departing their factory at New London, MO?

As early as August 1966 it was announced that Mark Twain was negotiating with the city of Cairo, IL to locate in that city. In May 1967 it was announced publically that Mark Twain received at $455,000 loan to build a new plant in Cairo. By November 1967 West Frankfort, IL was selected as plant location and the Cairo idea abandonded.

Mark Twain did open a boat manufacturing plant in rented buildings near Ordill, IL  around January 1968. Were they making boats at Ordill and New London, MO at the same time?

In March 1968 they selected a site for their new plant in West Frankfort and construction started in June that year. They did not start pouring footings until November 1968. Production started in the new plant in January 1971.

Was the reason for these moves just to get a larger, newer factory? And to get economic stimulus funds?

I also wonder why New London, MO was selcted in the first place as their factory site some years earlier?