Twain rookie needs help - Let\'s get her movin\' an wak\'in

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Finnegan\'s Wake

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Last weekend I played the \'let\'s get all dressed up and have no place to go\' game.  I washed, waxed and cleaned my ~1965 v16 Sonic, dropped the boat in the water, fired her up, and sat and spun.  My questions are..., did I not prime the boat correctly?  Are there two levers, one to control the idle and one to drive the boat?  If so, where\'s the second lever?  Do I have a spun prop?  Or worse, has the engine coupler been wasted?  I bought the boat on a whim and prayer.  The physical condition of the boat is great, I just need someone with experience to teach me how to operate this machine.
Thanks, Finnegan\'s Wake