A Quote from the \"Old Man\" Mr. Seibert

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A Quote from the \"Old Man\" Mr. Seibert
« on: February 16, 2009, 09:22:05 AM »
\'When you work for me there is no such thing as a problem.  There only opportunities for you to do a better job.\'

  Mr. S. was a no-nonsense kind of man.  Facial hair, obeseity, tardiness were signs of a weak mind.  He once fired a mfg. engineer for being 5 minutes late to an early morning staff meeting.  The guys excuse was that he couldn\'t get his hair dryer to work.

\"The way to run a tight ship is everybody gets their butt chewed once a week no matter what.\"

  Any of us that worked for Mr. S for any length of time learned not to take it personally but take it to heart.  He had a way of observing what you were doing and offering suggestions to make it more efficent, easier or cost effective and expecting you to implement his idea right away.  If you came up with an idea he would sink his teeth into it tear it to pieces, re-think it and congratulate you for doing a better job.