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General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Trailer for my 78 Mark Twain
« Last post by Haulnazz15 on August 11, 2017, 02:50:05 PM »
Tandem axle.  I've got a 20ft w/351W (fuel tank isn't as big) and it's always been on a tandem axle.  I've always felt more confident with tandem axles, both from a weight perspective and a potential blowout/flat tire perspective.  When I've had a tire shred at 65mph, the trailer tracked straight and let me get to the shoulder without any issues.  A single axle shredding a tire gets much more exciting, lol.  I recently traded up to a newer tandem axle when I came across a good deal that let me trade up for no cost.  I bought a junk boat that was on a nice trailer and sold mine for more than the cost. 

I can't recommend having trailer brakes enough, doesn't matter if they're surge or electric.  Mine are surge brakes with brakes on both axles.  The old trailer had no brakes, and while we never had an incident in 15+ years, it is so much more confidence inspiring to have brakes that make even hurried-stops a breeze.  New one has a boarding ladder on the front, as well as LED lights which don't have to be disconnected when launching/loading.  I have since painted it red to match the boat interior, but you get the idea.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Trailer for my 78 Mark Twain
« Last post by New2Me78 on August 10, 2017, 07:08:16 PM »
I weighed it today at a truck stop. Came out to 3,480lbs & that's with just a little fuel in it & some interior pieces still not mounted yet. Fully loaded with gear & all I feel I will be getting into the 5,000 range. Whats under it now is a single axle trailer that I have discovered the steel tubes are rusted through on the bottom. I personally think it needs a tandem axle under it anyway. I am going to look at some used trailers tomorrow. Hoping he has a nice medium duty trailer that won't need a bunch of attention right away.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Trailer for my 78 Mark Twain
« Last post by New2Me78 on August 09, 2017, 08:14:34 PM »
Trying to figure out what would be the best trailer for my  18' 1978 V-Sonic with a 351W & has a 30gal. fuel tank.
I haven't taken it across the scales yet but I guess fully geared it's gonna be around 3-4,000lbs.
Kind of leaning toward tandem axle. Makes for more maintenance but usually pulls better & if you have a tire go down You can usually stay mobile.
Anybody out there running a tandom axles on a boat this?
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: 1976 162T with 140HP mercruiser cable HELP!!
« Last post by Haulnazz15 on August 07, 2017, 04:53:00 PM »
Disconnect the cable from the shift plate and see if it operates smoothly from there.  If it does, then you know the "intermediate shift cable" (the one going from the shift plate to the lower unit) is seized up.  If the inverse is true, you'll need a new shift cable to run from the control to the shift plate.  If it's the intermediate cable, you'll have to pull the outdrive to replace.  If it's the control cable, you'll just have to measure the cable to make sure you get the replacement cable in the same size.  You shouldn't be able to start the engine with it in forward or reverse gear, but sometimes the prop will freewheel slowly in neutral.  If it IS in gear, that means that the shift-interrupt switch is malfunctioning/bypassed.

As far as manuals are concerned, there isn't anything available specific to the Mark Twain.  The mechanical parts are almost all pretty much universal for most boats of this period, aside from small accents and such. 
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: 1976 162T with 140HP mercruiser cable HELP!!
« Last post by jirwin95 on August 01, 2017, 09:39:54 PM »
Both cables move at the hand control by drivers seat. The drive cable goes back to a bracket with some sensor or something on it and ends there, then another cable comes off of it and runs down and behind the engine to the outdrive. Really no good way to see back where it ends. I'll Try to isolate that cable by itself to see if it is stuck. I do need the control lever for boat, the handle on mine broke so the previous owner put vise grips on it to control the throttle. Where is a good place to find it, or a universal one? Do you know where I can get a manual for the boat?
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: 1979 19' flooring
« Last post by iowatwain2 on August 01, 2017, 11:32:51 AM »
The old floor was ripped out and now I am left to replace it.  Are there any kits, sites, or suggestions that would help me do it correctly?

use green treated plywood. I used 5/8th on mine for strength 3/4 is probably adding too much weight to the boat. cut it to size and before you lay it in coat the whole sheet with fiberglass mat and resin to protect it. Lay it down screw it in and then put another 3-4 coats of fiber and glass on top of it. Mine has lasted about 15 years now. 
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Gas Tank
« Last post by iowatwain2 on August 01, 2017, 11:29:05 AM »
Well Pulled the Gas tank out today 39x16x12 Tank what's that 32 Gallons? pulled it because i could never to get he Gas Gauge to Work pulled the Sending unit it's all rusted together anyone ever found an after market?

Most boat suppliers should have them. I have purchased several for my boat over the years. best bet is to bring the old one in with you to match up the bolt patterns to make sure it will fit.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: 1976 162T with 140HP mercruiser cable HELP!!
« Last post by iowatwain2 on August 01, 2017, 11:25:50 AM »
One cable runs the throttle on the corroborator the other cable should run to the back of the motor and acctuates the shift cable that runs down to the out drive. this one only moves slightly about 1 inch either way to put the boat into forward or reverse gear. the other cable to the carb should have a larger movement to control the throttle of the engine.

My bet is one of these cables is gummed up inside and needs to be replaced. either that or the bolts are too tight on the shift actuator making it too hard to move with the cable.

easy thing to do would be disconnected the cables and test them individually to see if they are stuck or not.

hope this helps.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Throttle
« Last post by jirwin95 on July 31, 2017, 08:13:59 PM »
Is yours completely missing or what? I come up with some extras when I was building my 77 V-sonic but they are older styles. Do you know if the tilt/trim is on the handle? Depending on where you are at you may be able to find one at a boat salvage, there are a few around where I live.

Do you have any spares? I have a 1976 and need the hand lever assembly for mine!!
General Mark Twain Discussion / 1976 162T with 140HP mercruiser cable HELP!!
« Last post by jirwin95 on July 31, 2017, 02:10:52 PM »
I have just bought a 1976 mark twain. It has the 140 HP in it with mercruiser O/D. The throttle lever was not moving, I took it apart to find 2 cables. I apologize as I am not familiar with all the names of boat parts. One cable runs to the throttle. It moves fine. The other cable I beleive is a drive cable? It runs to a lever behind motor where it connects to another cable the runs down and behind the engine. That is the cable that is stuck. When i start the boat the prop spins all the time, is this because that cable is stuck? I;m a diesel tech, this is my first boat, so i'm not too familiar with them. Thanks in advance.
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