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I've actually found the one in your picture on line, which is different than the one in the photo I attached.  The one I'm looking for doesn't have the spokes with holes, but rather tapered plastic inserts on each spoke with a plastic center cap.
The steering wheel itself is fairly standard, it's the metal insert (the chrome on the spokes/center) that might prove almost impossible to source outside of a junk yard/parts boat.

Here's what the steering wheel looks like without the insert.  (kind of hard to see but you get the idea)
General Mark Twain Discussion / Looking for an original 1977 VSonic steering wheel.
« Last post by champion201 on September 22, 2017, 02:22:57 PM »
Hello all,
Trying to get the boat back to as original as possible and currently looking for a steering wheel.  I've attached a picture of what I'm looking for.

Thank you,
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Finally Got It In The Water
« Last post by Haulnazz15 on September 20, 2017, 11:12:52 AM »
Lookin' good, glad to see you got her back in the water!  What made the decision to use folding fishing seats in lieu of the usual captains chairs or a solid bench across the back?
General Mark Twain Discussion / Finally Got It In The Water
« Last post by New2Me78 on September 08, 2017, 07:03:59 PM »
Still have a ways to go but it felt really good to try it out. Had this thing for over 10 years & I have either not had the money, time, or both to fix er' up. Over the last couple of years I have had a little of both & have made a lot of progress. Still have some smaller things to do like install the wind shield, glove box door, small trim work here & there. Oh & then there is the trailer I had to purchase. It still needs to be painted. Might tackle that over winter.
New engine is running great except for the Holley 4 barrel still needs some adjusting. If I can get it set correctly all there is to do next summer is enjoy the thing!
Already getting some compliments... "that's a great looking old boat!" Hard to believe it is going to be 40 years old.
The Boat Galley / Re: Old V Sonic to fix or not
« Last post by Haulnazz15 on August 29, 2017, 01:18:46 PM »
Well, assuming the engine/outdrive are good, $2,300 is a fair deal on the structural/fiberglass work I'd guess.  However, if the interior still needs to be redone/reconstructed, and the outdrive/engine/electrical needs work, you're looking at more money than the boat is worth.  You can find plenty of decent boats for $3-4K in the 16'-20' range.  So in the end, what it worth to you to have it running?  I like my MT a lot, mostly for sentimental reasons, but if I had to spend $3K on it to get it back in top shape, I'd probably just sell it and find a boat already in good condition.  That said, I'd have to spend $6-7K to find a 20' boat as well kept as mine, and aside from maybe some cupholders or more modern styling, it's going to run similar speeds and perform just the same.  Hard to justify upgrading when it already does what I need it to.   
The Boat Galley / Old V Sonic to fix or not
« Last post by 69-vsonic on August 28, 2017, 07:24:00 PM »
About five years ago I purchased a V Sonic from the third owner the year was believed to be a 1969 it's 16ft and it was purchased as a project boat.
At the time the previous owner had the interior removed and the boat running it needed a shift cable and Bellows the floor was soft in a few areas so I knew it would need a floor at some point.
That winter after I started pulling the boat apart I ended up breaking my ankle and needed surgery so the boat went in to storage for five years.
Last week I pulled the boat out of storage and begin to overview the boat and begin looking at what I needed to do to get it back water worthy it was last in the water around 1997. I found the floor completely trash part of one Stringer was bad and two bulkheads had completely failed.  I arranged for a professional to examine the boat and the transom to see what to do with it right now the sterndrive is off the boat in the engine is the only thing remaining inside the boat I determined the Fountain of Youth for boats was the place to take it.
Today we made the one-hour trip to the Fountain of Youth for Boats and they overviewed the boat, we found the transom to be ok but we need to pull the engine before we can determine the last bulkhead condition they quoted me $2,300 to redo the stringers, the floor and two bulkheads.

The interesting thing about the boat is it was still produced in New London Missouri and has a serial number of 1725 my question is is this actually a 1969 with a low early production number or is this an earlier boat that was one of the first  two thousand Boats produced by Mark Twain.

Second off do I fix it
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Unable to steer right
« Last post by Haulnazz15 on August 28, 2017, 03:20:18 PM »
Another thing to check is if your prop trim tab is adjusted properly.  The tab/fin right above your prop is adjustable left/right to help offset prop torque.  Usually they are positioned pretty much straight forward, but can be moved a bit to help it track straight/hands off when on plane.  It shouldn't prevent turning in any direction, but it can sure make it difficult to turn in one direction or another if the tab is mis-adjusted.  I believe the boats with power steering have a flat anode there instead of the mini-fin.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Unable to steer right
« Last post by Haulnazz15 on August 28, 2017, 03:16:33 PM »
Without seeing it, it's difficult to say.  Does your boat have power steering?  My MT is a decade older and has no power steering, so there is no hydraulic oil.  There is a single cylinder which connects to the steering arm of the outdrive.  Pretty easy to identify visually.  However, there is another small cylinder/reservior with a single plastic pressure hose and wires coming off of it which is attached to the transom bracket above the steering.  This is a trim sensor which works off of calibration with outdrive hydraulics and has nothing to do with steering.  If you have power steering assist, then your setup should have a separate cylinder above the steering linkage with high pressure hydraulic hoses that run to a power steering pump.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Unable to steer right
« Last post by jgalvan on August 24, 2017, 09:29:22 PM »
Hello, I just recently bought a 1986 Mark Twain with a MCM 185 alpha one. Originally it had a carburetor issue when I bought it, I knew enough about them to get it running. As I took it out this past weekend I noticed that the boat would not steer to the right, only left. When I got home I looked it all over and found that where the steering cable goes into what I think is the steering actuator (excuse me if I'm wrong, I don't know much about the marine side or outboards), it has a couple of cylinder type linkages that look like they control the outboard, the top linkage is broken at the threads where it screws into the "steering actuator". I can't seem to find any part break downs on this steering unit. I was hoping someone could point me into the right direction where to start, I'm not positive this is the issue but it is clearly broken and needs replaced. Also what type of hydraulic fluid to fill it with if I remove the lines and drain the fluid. Thanks again.
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