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Website News / anybody at the controls?
« Last post by jjhamm22 on April 10, 2019, 11:34:16 AM »
Hi. I am wondering if anyone is still attending to the website or if it is on auto-pilot.  The last post from the moderator was 2016.  I sincerely hope so as I just got an MT a couple months ago, have a restore project ahead of me, and could sure use the sage advice that I saw from the folks who used to post regularly.  I actually took the time to read EVERY post going back to the beginning. 
The one annoying thing is I can only see a few of the pictures on the gallery, and none in the posts (like of floor restorations).  Do you have any advice to be able to see them?

Hoping someone is out there and thanks for taking time to reply.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Deck Repair
« Last post by jjhamm22 on March 19, 2019, 06:56:03 AM »
Sorry for the delay. I am no MT historian, but I don't remember reading in any of the old posts that they used cardboard as braces. I have heard of other brands that used cardboard forms to lay fiberglass over to form stringers etc. Let me know if you find this to be true.  It isn't necessarily bad if you have enough fiberglass for the strength that is needed.  All in all, MT boats were known for their quality and strength.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Deck Repair
« Last post by lylevan on March 16, 2019, 09:02:59 AM »
Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the quick reply and thanks for the web info, I will definitely check them out.  Actually I did repair the transom with angle iron and aluminum plates.  I did not feel that it was secure enough for the motor and I could see the motor taking a deep six while I was in the middle of the water!

As far as deck bracing, did I read correctly that MT used cardboard rolls under the deck as braces?  I have not gotten into this yet and will let you know what I find out.
General Mark Twain Discussion / Re: Deck Repair
« Last post by jjhamm22 on March 16, 2019, 07:44:11 AM »
Lyle, I'm not replying as any expert, but I'm just glad to see some activity besides mine on this site. I have the last 2 posts before yours and didn't get any replies. I'm hoping the interest picks up as the weather improves.

I will share what I know about the subject. I was so excited to find the website that I read Every post. There are some real experts out there who have done this work, and much great info and knowledge in the posts. My big complaint is I can't see the pictures.  I tried a couple different computers and I sometimes see a few. Maybe there is an issue with the website?

When I got no replies, I started surfing the web and found some good places for advice. BOAT DESIGN is really good and active. IBOAT is good too. Where I really think I've learned the most is BOATWORKSTODAY. The guy has a boat repair business in WI and has a ton of great videos. I have compiled a bunch of other websites that I will email you i

I have been doing work to get my engine started before I start the fiberglass, so I have yet to tear into mine. From all the old posts I have read, I feel safe saying that you should plan on doing deck, stringers and maybe transom. I can share how to test the transom if you need to know.

Good luck and glad to have some company in MT World
General Mark Twain Discussion / Deck Repair
« Last post by lylevan on March 13, 2019, 08:26:02 PM »
I just purchased a ca. 75 MT boat with a 115 Mercury.  The motor is difficult to start but runs well when it does.
My question concerns a 'soft' deck between the captain and front starboard seat.  I have not looked very closely but suspect the rest of the deck is ok.  Any suggestions about how to proceed?  I was planning on cutting out the rotten wood, screwing in 1/2" marine plywood on top.  I will treat plywood with poly or another waterproof cover.  I also suspect the bracing beneath the  deck is rotten but have not seen it yet.

With that, any suggestions or insights?  I am handy with woodworking, but always appreciate sage advice.
Thanks - Lyle
General Mark Twain Discussion / Newbie got a 79 24' MT 260V Mercruiser
« Last post by jjhamm22 on January 31, 2019, 11:54:46 AM »
Hey All,
I just bought a 1979 24' Mark Twain 240VCC cuddy cabin with a Mercruiser 260 I/O. I am very excited to have this boat, mainly because of the great reviews I read on your forum. It has beautiful lines and reminds me of my grandfathers cabin cruiser. This one needs a new deck and maybe stringers, but is in really nice shape otherwise for a 40 year old boat.

I have owned boats since I was a teenager, but this is my first I/O drive and my largest (by far) boat. My first task is to get acquainted with the boat and I'm hoping that someone has the manuals on the boat and/or motor and I/O. A buddy noticed that my engine has a fresh water cooling system and I would love to have some info on how that all works. The bimini top came in pieces so I'd love some help/pictures on how that goes together.

I would like to hear from anyone that has advice for a newbie before beginning the restoration work. I want to bring this baby back to her glory!
Kennett Square PA
General Mark Twain Discussion / Mercruiser stern drive OK?
« Last post by jjhamm22 on January 22, 2019, 04:14:15 PM »
I am considering a 1979 Mark Twain 24' cuddy cabin. It has a Mercruiser 260 and I have been doing some internet reading that makes me wonder what version I have. Can anyone tell me if this is an Alpha or an older version? I have always had outboards and this will be my first stern drive if it is a worthy project. Is this a good drive unit?  Anyway to tell if the engine isn't running?  I can use all the advice I can get as I don't want to buy a basket case. 

I am told the floor is spongy so I have read all about how to fix it. You guys have great information out there!! Other than that, it seems like a great boat. Was garage kept and used only in fresh water.
 Thanks so much!
South East PA
Classifieds / parts lower unit upper unit 120 HP 4CYL
« Last post by skip on October 09, 2018, 05:32:52 PM »
General Mark Twain Discussion / Late season catch-up
« Last post by Pgh70Twain on October 04, 2018, 09:55:26 PM »
Nice evening for a quick cruise up the Allegheny River, in the Oakmont pool.
(Had some engine trouble this season, but finally got 'er going again!)
Classifieds / 79 18' Vsonic Bowrider For Sale
« Last post by mjr7509 on September 14, 2018, 03:40:36 PM »
Very nice one owner boat.  Boat was purchased new in 1980. Always stored indoors summer or winter. Powered by a very nice sounding V-8 200 HP engine.  There is no hour meter but it is relatively low time for its age.  It is a carbureted engine and the carburetor probably is ready to be overhauled.  It was used somewhat regularly in the 80's and early 90's.  For the past 20 years it has been used only occasionally.  Interior was reupholstered approximately 12 years ago in the original color.  Options include AM/FM/Cassette w/4 speakers, depth sounder and bimini top.  Full canvas cover for towing.  Includes a Shoreliner trailer with wheels rather than bunks which make it much easier to get the boat on and off in a shallow boat landing.   Asking price: $3,000.
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