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The Boat Galley / My new 1978 MT 180 VBR
« on: March 23, 2015, 10:11:11 PM »
she\'s a beauty,!

The History Mystery / United Marine/Seibert/Cooper
« on: March 23, 2015, 09:27:14 PM »
Hey Mkb4550 or anyone else.    I would like to tell a story about a boat my father bought, perhaps, from from Lloyd.   We grew up in Kansas City.    My boat is a MT 1979 180VBR Vsonic with a factory installed 350/260.    According to my father, who has passed.   He bought the boat from the Plant Manager, Lloyd ?.    As the story goes, my father told Lloyd that if they ever put a 350 cu in.  in a 180VBR in baby blue with the cushioned deck and captains chairs, to let him know.  As the story goes, Lloyd called my father one day.    and said that they made a few of these boats.   3 in fact.   Two of the three wrecked on high speed turns.  He had one left.     In order to buy the boat, My father had to sign a waiver of liability.   Our beloved Mark Twain,  one family owned  boat was put into service in 1981.   I bought it from my dad in 1987.  If you try to find a Mark Twain of this combination it doesn\'t exist in the manuals.    I can\'t post pictures to this reply for some reason.   This boat  survives and is a daily summer workhorse for my family and I.    It screams (roars), actually.  with a 21 pitch prop its a 60 mph boat and she starts to walking a bit when full out and trimmed up.   The only change I have made to the motor is an electronic ignition to keep from having to set the points by feel.    When I open her up like this,  I only do this on calm days.    Anyway, I would be interested in talking to someone who was at the factory or knows this story.

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