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General Mark Twain Discussion / farewell 1964Mark Twain
« on: December 01, 2012, 09:30:11 PM »
For some reason only the second paragraph of the story posted above. The first part is:
I sold my 1964 Mark Twain to my friend, Steve this summer. He has never owned a boat before and knew nothing about operation, maintenance, or anything else. I had a potential buyer interested the first day I mentioned that I was interested in selling it while I was at the Tiki Bar on my northern Wisconsin chain. Steve asked what the guy offered me for it. When I told him $3,500 he said \"sold\". I thought he was joking, but after a couple of drinks and a fresh check in my possession it was his.
(see above)

General Mark Twain Discussion / farewell 1964Mark Twain
« on: December 01, 2012, 09:23:59 PM »
I let my friend, Steve, keep the boat on my lift for the rest of the summer and use it when he visited. Steve knew nothing about boats and I showed him how to operate it and promised to winterize it in the fall.
I got a call from Steve early last week and we agreed to meet over coffee last Thursday to winterize the boat. I was a little apprehensive about seeing the boat since Steve had never owned one before.
When Steve opened the door I was very surprised. Steve had detailed the boat and waxed it with several grades of polishing compound and his Porter Cable buffer. The boat looked better than when I owned it. An amuzing story is that Steve has been letting his new Infinity G37X sit outside so as not to crowd the Mark Twain. I am convinced it is in good hands.

It must be really bad if no one wants it for free.

Many of you here have seen my 72 MT 15\' VSonic I/O on the site. The hull is in nearly new condition and has been stored inside since new. I was in the process of re-powering it and I have abandoned the project and sold the engine.
If you or anyone you know is considering a restoration, refurbishment, or a floor and stringer job on an I/O MT, or any other make that used a Mercruiser Alpha 1 this would be the perfect hull. There is no stern drive unit or interior, but it would be much less work to swap the parts to this hull from a old junker with rotten stringers/floor/interior than try to restore it.
I hope someone here is interested. Hulls like this don\'t come along often.
It comes on an old ragged trailer that is road worthy, but would win the ugly trailer crown hands down.
Please, someone save this MT hull.
The boat is located in northern Wisconsin. If I have no takers its off to the landfill in May.

Does anyone have any knowledge or input on running an aluminum head engine with raw water cooling in fresh water lakes? The machine shop that would build the hybrid SBC has done it for boats before and recommended the Corvette heads. Supposedly because it is not kept in the water the corrosion should be acceptable, but he has only done this for drag boat engines. A Mercathode system was also recommended. Any input?

I must admit, I have considered letting the old MT go and buying a clean used Donzi Sweet 16. It would be the easy way to get V8 power in a 16\' boat, but my wife and one daughter don\'t like the style. I also looked at a couple of Correct Craft Mustang, 66 & 69. They are 16\' with a Ford V8, but the family didn\'t like the dog house in the middle.

I am a little apprehensive about the aluminum heads on the hybrid stroker motor and I have been looking at a new 5.7 (350 SBC) Vortec.315 HP with the iron heads and no corrosion worries. I would pay the 50# penalty for the iron heads, but use aluminum intake, exhaust, flywheel, and water pump to keep the weight down. I have priced everything and the stroker and new Vortec are about the same price.

I had intended to sell the 64 and got what I thought was a fairly descent offer of $2,700.00, but couldn\'t part with it until I have my 72 MT ready to go. The rotary project fell apart and I think I have a solution. I have been enjoying the 64, but this may be the last year. I have said that before, we\'ll see next year.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Need help PLEASE !!!
« on: May 09, 2011, 12:00:50 PM »
You can by a lot of fun on the water for $1,260 if it is in really great condition, or a lot of heartache if it isn\'t. Is this your first boat? If not you may know some of the things to look for. I would do a compression test and see what the condition of the engine is. Check the floor for soft spots and try to have the owner take you out for a test ride. If it has been sitting for three years I would put a water pump impeller in it. Is there damage to the skeg or gearcase? Is the wiring in good condition? The internal wiring harnesses tend to go at about 25 years with the insulation becoming brittle and falling off. You an buy a new one, but they are a little pricey. How obout the external wiring harness, the one that goes to the controls. If it is old and frayed you can get a new one of those  too, but it will set you back about $325.00. Is the prop in good condition? does it have chunks out of it? If it does you will need to have it rebuilt or get a new one. A lot of damage could tell of stresses on the gearcase / drive shaft. Look it over good. Mark Twains are built well, but without great care a 34 year old boat usually has a few needs. Don\'t pay any attention to the NADA value, it really doesn\'t mean anything on a boat this old. It is only worth what it is worth to you.

Good Luck.

General Mark Twain Discussion / 1972 Mark Twain 13B rotary engine swap
« on: April 27, 2011, 05:52:26 PM »
That\'s what I intend to do. Nothing but a distributor and marine carb. Very low tech and simple. The corvette heads and other aluminum parts are only for weight considerations. I really don\'t know that they flow any better than the iron ones, but they are the cheapest aluminum ones you can get, about $200 on ebay all the time. The 383 stroker because it really doesn\'t cost much more and it has even more low end grunt. I don\'t plan on turning more than about 4500 RPM with it.

General Mark Twain Discussion / 1972 Mark Twain 13B rotary engine swap
« on: April 26, 2011, 09:16:35 PM »
Thanks, I am sure those will come in handy for someone, but I have decided to go with the Corvette heads and aluminum intake and exhaust manifolds for weight considerations. What I really need are all of the accessory parts I mentioned. I found a salvage yard that will sell me everything I need for about $700. I may go that route if i can\'t find a complete Mercruiser SBC to strip them off.

General Mark Twain Discussion / 1972 Mark Twain 13B rotary engine swap
« on: April 26, 2011, 07:55:14 PM »
Yea, I feel bad about it too.
I visited my friend who owns a machine / engine rebuilding shop near me today. He has done a lot of work for me in the past. He has a many years of experience with antique, industrial, and race engines, and sponsors a drag boat that races at Blarney Island in the summer. After explaining what I want we arrived at a SBC 383 stroker with Corvette aluminum heads. Aluminum intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, water pump, and possibly flywheel. All of this with a real marine cam and 8.8:1 compression hypereutectic pistons. He can do it, including supplying the SBC block for about $2,000 (maybe because he is a friend?). The rotary shop wants $3,000 just to go through the rotary and install new end plates, seals, springs, and reassemble it. I still don\'t know if it will work when it is done, and I will need about $2,000 more just to set up the EMS and install an O2 sensor and A/F ratio meter. In addition, when it is finished no one but me will be able to work on it. The 383 stroker should have a LOT of low end grunt, and should run on any crappy gas mixture you care to pour into it. The rotary, premium only.
 I will need fresh water cooling with all the aluminum parts.

I need to find a cracked/broken/worn out SBC Mercruiser engine so I can strip all of the marine parts off of it like engine mounts, flywheel housing, water distribution housing, Mercruiser wiring harness, throttle bracket, Y pipe, turn downs and such. I anticipate buying new aluminum exhaust manifolds and all of the parts that make it a marine engine.

If anyone has  these parts let me know, I\'m interested.

General Mark Twain Discussion / 1972 Mark Twain 13B rotary engine swap
« on: April 25, 2011, 09:40:42 PM »
I talked to the rotary shop about my engine today. The project is officially abandoned. I am going to find a different source of power for the boat. There is not enough money in my account to finish  this project. looks like another year in the 64 until I get this sorted out.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Can someone help me find a boat?
« on: April 25, 2011, 12:18:02 AM »
BTW Dave, was your boat hull that clean when you got it, or did you refinish or paint it? The hull looks terrific in the photos and the colors are so vibrant.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Can someone help me find a boat?
« on: April 24, 2011, 11:01:34 PM »
Thanks Dave. It is about what I would like, but I don\'t want a project. I have done too many stringer/floor projects in my day and I just don\'t have the time and energy any more. I think an 18 would be just about perfect. I just don\'t think I can go the summer without a Twain.

I like the looks of mymarktwain\'s and it is an 18\' I will give you a call tomorrow midnightrider and discuss it. Are you the guy I gave the original Mark Twain top to about 5 years ago? Where are you located? If it is as clean as Sinkers looks in the photos I love it already! As I said I don\'t mind a few minor issues but I want a really clean hull and a V8, preferably a 351.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Can someone help me find a boat?
« on: April 24, 2011, 05:41:37 PM »
Sinker, do you still have this boat?

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