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General Mark Twain Discussion / MT Owner\'s Manual
« on: August 08, 2011, 03:46:56 PM »
Just for everyone\'s viewing pleasure, I have a PDF scan of my Mark Twain Owner\'s Manual for whomever wants to see it.  If any mods read this, I can email it so that it can be posted on the website as a sticky, etc.  It\'s more like a safety brochure than what I would consider a \"manual\" for the boat, but I found it amongst some paperwork I had shoved in a box.  Nothing specific to any one particular boat, but a good 5-6 page read for first-time boat owners.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Almost Ready!
« on: September 23, 2010, 09:06:21 AM »
Well, since we fixed the oil leak on the engine, we got it all put back together minus another mishap.  I was putting the outdrive on and managed to get the intermediate shaft (brass shifting arm) caught above the slide on the bell housing and bent it up.  *sigh* So I had to take the outdrive back off, replace the already-brand new brass shaft with another new one and put it back together.  I finally got the outdrive back on and then I couldn\'t get the outdrive to shift into both gears!    :evil:    

So, I finally gave up on it and took it to the repair shop.  I\'ve spent too many hours on this boat this summer and I wasn\'t about to take that outdrive off for the 4th time this summer.  Hopefully I\'ll get it back by this weekend and have enough time before it gets too cold to use the boat and get at least 10hours on the engine to break it in since it only has about 1.5hours on it right now.  All I know is that come next year, I better not have a single problem to deal with!!

General Mark Twain Discussion / Boat Covers
« on: September 23, 2010, 09:00:44 AM »
Anyone have a recommendation on a good boat cover?  Our current one has been in need of replacement for a year now, but I recently left a strap hanging down which got caught underneathe the trailer wheel and made a pretty good tear in the cover, lol.  (luckily i was only moving it a few feet at the time).

I have seen Sunbrella material and Top Gun material mentioned, and am leaning toward the Sunbrella.  I\'ve heard usually has a year-end sale around the end of October, so I may try to catch a good deal there.  Just looking for a semi-custom cover that doesn\'t need to be trailerable necessarily.  

On a side note, I just bought a camper top this week from another Mark Twain owner that should zip/snap to the existing bimini top for pretty cheap.  I don\'t particularly have a use for one, but at the very least it should keep any water out during October rain showers until I get the new boat cover.    :P

General Mark Twain Discussion / It\'s Alive!!
« on: August 11, 2010, 01:00:13 PM »
Finally got the new engine in and wired up/plumbed.  For those of you who aren\'t aware, I just dropped in a rebuilt 351W to replace the locked up 351W that was original to the boat.  I spared no expense on the rebuild which included: new fuel pump, new 4bbl Edelbrcok intake/carb, and water pump.  All new hoses/wiring/plug wires/electronic distributor/coil as well as new exhaust manifolds/risers which converted the old log-style to the center-riser type.  New blower, new trim pump, new water pump/impeller in outdrive, new lower and intermediate shift shafts, new bellows, hinge pins . . . new everything!

All this after having the transom torn out and a new composite transom put in (SeaCast).  This project has lasted a little over 2 years, but we finally lit the fuse yesterday.  After trouble shooting a \"doh!\" moment of wiring the plugs on the distributor in the wrong direction, she fired right up and held a steady 650rpms without issue.  I hope to have the trim system bled and ready to run to the lake for a water test this coming weekend.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Engine Bay (Bilge) Modification
« on: July 02, 2010, 03:00:29 PM »
Has anyone ever cut their fiberglass cap to accomodate a different engine setup?  I have a feeling I\'m going to have to take Roto-Zip and cut a hole in the rope locker above the engine to accomodate the increased height of the intake/4bbl carb I just put on.  The engine is currently out of the boat almost fully dressed with new everything (including a center manifold conversion), but the Edlebrock performer intake is taller than the factory 2bbl manifold, and the flame arrestor for the Edlebrock carb is taller as well.

Any suggestions on how to cut/modify the fiberglass so that:

#1 Carb/flame arrestor will fit and not restrict airflow
#2 Rope locker will still be usable/not drain water onto the engine

I would imagine I\'ll have to cut a large enough hole to where I can get the flame arrestor off and be able to loosen/tighten the nut on top.  Then I\'ll have to re-glass the hole to seal off the ski locker.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Center Riser Conversion
« on: September 17, 2009, 12:36:15 PM »
Has anyone ever done a conversion from the log-style manifolds/risers to the center-riser syle?  I know the center riser-style is supposed to be less restrictive and parts are more abundant/cheaper.  I have the 351W, and the log-style risers are right up next to the ski rope locker above the engine.  I want to know if the center-risers will fit.

The reason I\'m geting new manifolds/risers is because mine are looking like they are original 1976 stock, and I blame a failed riser gasket on locking up my engine which is going to be rebuilt this winter to 300HP from the original 233HP.  Let me know what you guys think!

General Mark Twain Discussion / Adding Swim Platform
« on: March 26, 2009, 03:09:10 PM »
Does anyone happen to know about an MT owner here who posted about adding a swim platform (I think it was teak) to their I/O Twain?  I would like to remove the 2-step extension that our MT has and add a swim platform with a smaller self-locking ladder on it.  I think it would look good in teak going all the way across the back, and would match the dash/steering wheel.

If anyone has pics or a link to that post please provide it!

General Mark Twain Discussion / Foam Flotation Blocks
« on: March 26, 2009, 10:17:57 AM »
Hey all!

I\'m finally putting the engine back in this coming weekend after rebuilding that transom.  I have already mounted the gimbal housing and transom plate with the exhaust y-tube.  All new gaskets for everything, new exhaust flappers too (the old ones were completely gone).  After I get the engine in, I need to find out where to get the foam floatation blocks that were on the starbord rear corner of the boat.  I broke 2 or 3 of them upon disassembly as they were glued to the wall by the battery.  Any clues as to how I would go about getting those?

I suppose I could just epoxy the ones I broke back together, but I really don\'t want to half-ass it as I\'ve already redone damn near everything in the back of the boat as it is.  I know US Composites makes a foam I can pour in, but I\'d have to make a fiberglass mold and it seems like kind of a PITA to do that for 5 or 6 blocks stacked on top of each other.  

After I get that figured out, I\'ll put in the new blower vents, gas tank, and secure/fill the trim pump and see if we have a running engine/floating boat!  (still don\'t know if the outdrive is any good since it messed up on the boats\' last outing, hoping it\'s a linkage issue).

General Mark Twain Discussion / Putting the transom back together
« on: March 09, 2009, 10:42:47 AM »
Alright, so after a winter of doing nothing to the boat, I\'m ready to get everything back together.  I just replaced the driver\'s-side engine mount stringer and re-fiberglassed it.  I also have to try and re-tap the threads on the bell housing in one of the bolt holes for whatever reason (new bolts, opposite hole threaded nicely).  After that, I need to get the exhaust y-pipe on.  Here\'s my question:

I have no shutters/flappers in the y-pipe, or evidence that there ever were any.  I would like to go ahead and put them on there, especially since I went with an tube-style exhaust bellows instead of the accordian type.  Does anyone know what type of flappers would go on the 233hp/351?  The pipe appears to be 3\" perfect circle, not oval, but I have no idea what parts to get.

After that it\'s just dropping the engine back in with new plugs/wires and getting the outdrive aligned correctly.  Anything else I should be doing while the engine is out?  (rotor and contacts were new about 2 years ago when we had the transom rot problem) Hopefully the shifting problem we had will solve itself upon reassembly.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Engine Mounts
« on: September 15, 2008, 12:10:41 PM »
Okay, so the last thing I need to fix before the engine goes back in is the starboard-side stringer which supports the engine mount.  It looks like a 2x8 board mounted on its side, anyone have any tips or tricks on replacing?

I\'ll probably just use a cut-off wheel to get through the thin layer of glass over it, then dig out/cut out whatever wood I need to.  Also, what does this board attach itself to?  I just hope it doesn\'t run up into the floor of the boat, because I\'m not looking to pull the floor up.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Transom Plate Bolts plus Rebuild
« on: July 30, 2008, 03:29:51 PM »
Alright, I\'m just about ready to throw her back together.  Currently I have:

-Engine Alignment Tool
-All new bellows, o-rings, hinge pins + nails, hinge pin puller, new gimbal bearing, new anode bolts (lower two).

Anyone know where I can find the middle two bolts that bolt the gibal housing to the transom plate?  The shop is drlling out the one that broke off, but I couldn\'t find anywhere that sells those two bolts.  I\'d rather just buy new to keep from having any issues with them breaking.  The lower anode bolts were eaten half-way through (hence why I bought new ones)!  The upper studs are fine.

Can anybody think of anything else I\'m going to need to put this back together?

General Mark Twain Discussion / Rebuild Update
« on: July 20, 2008, 10:59:26 AM »
Got the last of the fiberglass work done and painted up.  Ready for reassembly!  Not the prettiest of woork, but it was my first time working with fiberglass so it is understandable.  New gas tank support platform as well.

If this transom goes, the whole boat is going with it (1.5\" all the way across)!  Also, some pics of the engine after cleaning it up a bit.  It\'s been sitting for two years, lol.

Finally, a pic of the bolt that broke off in the gimbal housing.  Taking it to a local shop to see if they can remove it this week.  I tried PB Blaster, Liquid Wrench, and even heating it up with a torch.  It won\'t budge.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Re-construction Suggestions
« on: June 24, 2008, 08:50:53 AM »
Okay, now that the transom is finished, it\'s time to start putting her back together this weekend (and the following few weekends, lol).  Anyway, I have purchased a transom mount kit so that all of the o-rings, gaskets, gimbal bearing, and bellows will be new.  Obviously getting a new transom seal for the gimbal housing.  

Anything else you guys would recommend while the engine/outdrive are out of the boat?

As far as the engine goes, I will be getting new spark plugs and wires, but that\'s about it.  Coolant hoses and exchangers all look good and were functioning properly two years ago when it last ran.

General Mark Twain Discussion / New Transom In!
« on: June 16, 2008, 01:01:18 PM »
Alright, well I finally bought the SeaCast transom repair kit.  Very easy to mix, however, the term \"pourable\" must be a loose term to them, lol. This stuff had the consistency of wet grass covered in molasses.  

After removing the old wood from the original transom, I built a new inner skin out of fiberglass and used 1.5\" spacers the entire length of the back wall making the transom 1.5\" thick (the original transom is only 1.5\" thick behind the engine and 3/4\" thick to the corners).  We mixed the 4- 5 gallon buckets one at a time and poured them in.  Latex gloves last about 10 minutes before being ripped to shreds, so a note to those who go this route, by a few pairs of thick nitrile rubber gloves which will last for a few buckets each.

This process is extremely messy, so make sure to wear nothing but crappy clothes and shoes and lay down some drop cloths on the ground to catch the globs that fall out.  Also, carburetor cleaner works excellent for removing SeaCast from any surface you didn\'t want it on while its still wet.  Transom gets too hot to touch about 30-45 minutes after pouring the SeaCast in, so be aware.

I will pull of the forms next weekend to verify everything, but that transom is solid as a rock now.  Easily seems twice as strong as it was from the factory, plus it will never leak or rot again.

I didn\'t take any pictures of the repair process, but I will take a few when I pull off the forms to show the work. Especially from the inside and around the bell housing/transom plate cutout.

General Mark Twain Discussion / Reassembly
« on: May 20, 2008, 03:30:32 PM »
Alright gentlemen, over the memorial day weekend I will be pouring the new transom (SeaCast) and looking to put her back together.  While I disassembled everything quickly, I\'m not so confident I can put it back together correctly even with the manual.  

How much do you suppose it would cost to get a shop to re-mount the bell housing w/all new gaskets?  That\'s the only thing that worries me as I can drop the engine in myself, then have the shop align it and put the outdrive back on.  I just don\'t want any leaks or shift cable issues.

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