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Title: Lee seibert Hawkeye satellite
Post by: otter on October 07, 2009, 02:25:16 PM
I Worked for Lee Seibert starting in 1981 when the home satellite industry was just getting started.  We started building fiberglass satellite antennas at his plant in Stanley kansas.  The company name was Mark IV industries, hawkeye satellite was just a trademark name.  There was always a few Mark twain boats around the plant.   The plant managers name was Alan West.  I worked in production (chop gun and layup) moved to assisting in  building the molds and eventually started installing the satellite antennas for customers.  I also remember lloyd cooper coming around at times he and Lee would walk around the plant and inspect the antennas being built.  I remember one of our dealers in new york could not get their satellite antenna aligned properly and Lee came up to me and said you have to go to new york and find a satellite, apparently they cant find the birds up there on the east cost.  The next day I was on a plane.  I just recently found this site and it brought back a lot of good memories for me working for the man that started Mark twain boats.  I think he was in his early 70\'s when I started working for him and he showed up early every day.  Just a little insight:  He drove a chevrolet citation wagon.  I am sure he could have afforded to drive anything he wanted!
Title: Lee seibert Hawkeye satellite
Post by: Mkb4550 on November 01, 2009, 10:15:24 AM
In addition to the Hawkeye Lee had another project that was quite successful that he manufactured in this location.  It was called the SST although it was offically the Siebert Septic Tank, we all had a different interpretation of the septic part.  We also mfg\'d wind spoilers, fenders and other parts for Kenworth Trucks.  Also the car that Lee drove was a Malibu wagon left over from United Marine. I know this because it was formerly my Co. car.  He also had an older Cadillac that he refused to give up.  One of the more interesting boats that he played around with from time to time was a 20-21 foot Tri Sonic tunnel hull with an Elevated Wing on the Transom and a unknown hp jet drive.  If you could keep it on the water it was a rocket.  Problem was that a strong wind gust or unexpected wave sent it airborne.  Not for the faint of heart I assure you.  We also experimented with a tunnel type kneeboard called the Thunder Board and self skinning foam to be used in the production of padded dash panels and floatation devices as well as possible seats etc.  This project made it to one limited production model in 1984.